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pandaaa's Journal

20 December 1988
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anything disney, award ceromonies, bambi, black and white, black biro's, candles, charlie pace, chocolate, clean bedsheets, creme eggs, dancing badly, dexter, dressing up, excessive jewlery, extension cables, fairy lights, family, fashion, films, flirting, flowers, giant rabbits, hairbands, hairdryers, history, house, hugh laurie, ipodddd, lemonade and blackcurrant, literary tattoos, lost, marvin gaye, mash potato, men's clothes, mirrors, my bedroom, notepads, notice boards, organisation, pandas, penny sweets, peter pan, phonecalls, phoning canada, pictures, pj's, pop tarts, puppies, reading, rings, scarfs, shorts, speding money, sphynx cats, studying, tattoo, texting, the internet, tinkerbell, university, walking in high heels, yorkshire pudding, a good book, champagine, house, writing lists, harry, boxer shorts, hollywood, johnny cash, otis redding, stevie wonder, incubus, brand new, funeral for a friend, heath ledger, will smith virtually being president, my dad being the nicest guy on earth, having fun, car journeys, ears popping, strangers.

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